5 Surprising Facts About Renting in Vegas

Are you considering living in Las Vegas? It might just be the perfect place to relocate to and begin a new chapter. Las Vegas is infamous for the nightlife, gambling, shows, and hot weather. However, just like any new place, there are things about the area that you should consider before you move there. Here are the top 5 surprising facts about renting in Las Vegas!

Surprise Weather

Kicking off our list of surprising facts about renting in Vegas is the weather! The weather can change from being hot and dry to wet and windy very quickly! When most people think of Las Vegas they think of hot desert weather with sand scorpions and prickly cacti. The temperature can reach past 100 degrees many days of the summer and even into fall! However, Las Vegas does experience monsoons and rainy/windy weather every once in a while. The last monsoon that Las Vegas experienced was back at the beginning of summer in May. However, before then there was a dry spell that lasted 89 days. So, you will get hot and dry seasons for most of the year, but make sure to keep an eye out for monsoon season. Typically the monsoon season starts in July but can also start mid-June in some areas.

To prepare for this, get flood insurance to protect yourself from any sort of damage or harm to your apartment. Some apartment communities already cover any damage made to your apartment during a monsoon. Consider renting an apartment that has a covered garage to avoid fallen trees or power lines. Overall, be safe during this time and prepare ahead of time for the worst. For most of the year, renters in Las Vegas don’t have to worry about extreme conditions. Keep these things in mind when choosing your next apartment.

Surprise Traffic Leniency

Another surprising fact about renting in Vegas is the leniency of the traffic system! In some places, a moving violation such as running a stop sign requires traffic school, points on your license, or possible suspension. Even just going a few miles over the speed limit can have serious penalties. In some states like Delaware, they automatically put points on your license and of course, make you pay the fine. This means if you are going 1-9 mph over the speed limit, this can result in a $100-200 ticket and 2 points on your license. Compared to Delaware, Nevada, in general, has very lenient rules when it comes to moving traffic violations and is overall a better place to drive compared to other states.

Along with more lenient traffic laws, Las Vegas has great transportation around the area!. Cars, taxis, Ubers, limousines, bikes and tour busses are just some of the options available to you if you live in the area! Have you ever seen a movie where they rent a luxury limousine to take around the city for a bachelorette party or night out? It is surprising how affordable renting a limousine for the night actually is when you account for the cost of paying a Taxi or Uber to take you from one stop to the next. The convenient transportation is is just one benefit of renting in Las Vegas!

Surprise Discounts

Along with all the amazing things to do in Las Vegas, another surprising fact about renting in Vegas is that you can now receive discounts just for living here! Las Vegas is heavily funded by tourism. Part of making money from tourism, the locals who live and work in Las Vegas get to enjoy a lot of the same things tourists do at a discounted price! This helps the tourism, entertainment, and hospitality businesses to make more money and improve the overall happiness of the workers who live there! Restaurants, attractions, hotels, casinos, and even shows have discounts for being a resident! If you aren’t sure what type of discounts are available, just ask! Having a Nevada state-issued ID and a mailing address in Las Vegas is key to making sure you qualify for all the discounts available! For more information on residential discounts in Las Vegas, click here!

Surprise Outdoor Activities

Even though Las Vegas has plenty of restaurants, bars, casinos, and clubs to keep you busy, many people forget there are beautiful outdoor activities to enjoy as well! Hiking and biking trails, horseback riding, rock climbing, scooter tours, kayaking, and driving in the sand dunes are just some of the amazing outdoor activities you can enjoy while living in Las Vegas! You can even rent any of these vehicles if you don’t want to purchase your own and tours can be done in many areas around Las Vegas! Most tourists flock to the downtown Strip but renting in Las Vegas, you’re sure to broaden your horizons when it comes to enjoyable activities.

Surprise Sunsets

To finish off our list of surprising facts about renting in Vegas, we have the beautiful sunsets! When most people think of a sunset they picture it over an ocean or beach setting. However, Las Vegas has some beautiful sunsets and overall picturesque desert and mountain views! There are hiking trails in Las Vegas and Nevada in general that take you up to lookouts where you can watch the sunset and get an Instagram-worthy picture! Some of these beautiful trails in Las Vegas are the Historic Railroad trail, Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs and Trail, Mary Jane Falls Trail, Calico Tanks Trail, and Cathedral Rock Trail.

Find your dream Las Vegas apartment!

There are many wonderful and surprising benefits to renting in Las Vegas than meets the eye! For more reasons to consider Las Vegas for your next move, click here! Along with all of these surprising facts, Las Vegas as a great housing market and affordable rental prices! If you are looking to move to Las Vegas, check out Market Apartments for listings and tips on the area!

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