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4 Organizations To Donate To This Holiday Season

by Josephine Hogan

Are you wanting to give back this Holiday season but aren’t sure how to do so? There are many ways you can give to the community. Whether you want to donate something monetary or give some of your time. A great way to give back to the community is to donate food to a local food bank. Or during this time of year, you can give back by giving food to organizations putting on dinners for the less fortunate in the community. We’ve compiled a list of some places that are collecting donations, so you too can give back this year.

1) United Way of Southern Nevada

This year, the United Way of Southern Nevada is looking for nonperishable Thanksgiving groceries. Such as instant mashed potatoes, stuffing mix, canned vegetables, pumpkin pie filling as well as other nonperishable groceries. And if you’re looking to set up a mini-drive at your office, this is the perfect organization to work with. Set up a collection box at your office and maybe even consider setting a goal. Then as a whole office, you can contribute to feeding families in the community.

You can also consider making a monetary donation if you don’t have the time to go shopping. They are able to purchase items in bulk for a cheaper price and monetary donations can often times go even further than food donations.

For more information about the United Way of Southern Nevada and what they’re looking to get in donations, head on over to their website.

2) Project 150

While they are no longer taking donations this year for Thanksgiving, we feel this program needs to be mentioned. Project 150 is dedicated to helping homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged high school students so they can stay in school. One of the projects they do each year provides a Thanksgiving meal to the students. This year they were able to deliver 2000 full meals.

Not only are they delivering Thanksgiving meals to students in November, they also deliver food weekly to all the high schools in Clark County. You’ll also find they help with clothing, accessories, and school supplies at Betty’s Boutique and regularly hold life skill workshops.

If you would like to still donate to this amazing cause despite missing the Thanksgiving donations, be sure to check out their website where you can find out about their Christmas meal donations.

3) Three Square

Three Square’s goal is to feed the hungry residents of Lincoln, Nye, Esmeralda, and Clark Counties. They work with several community partners, such as schools and after-school programs as well as nonprofits and faith-based organizations. All in the name of feeding the hungry. During this holiday season, they are currently putting on a Holiday Match Challenge Campaign. A few generous sponsors are offering to double the value of your donation. Meaning for every dollar you give can be doubled and twice the number of people can be fed. With a $10 donation, you can provide 60 meals to those facing hunger. For more information about this program as well as others, Three Square is putting on this holiday season, head on over to their website.

4) Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada

This year the Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada is hosting the 35th annual Turkey Drive. With the Hands of Hope Community Food Pantry, they serve thousands of families. In order to do this, they are looking for frozen turkey and nonperishable dinner fixing donations. These can include potatoes, stuffing, gravy, green beans, cranberry sauce, and canned yams. Items will be accepted Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 3.30 pm up to November 24 at the Catholic Charities Campus.

If you are unable to provide groceries, consider giving a monetary donation. Or even consider volunteering on-site. Every little bit helps to feed those in need. Be sure to check out their website about donations and volunteer expectations.

Giving back to the community is a great way to help those around you. And though we’ve only mentioned some of the organizations you can donate to during the Thanksgiving season, be sure to check out the local food banks around the city. If we didn’t mention organizations you feel need to be recognized, head on down to the comments and let us know. There are many throughout the city that are helping feed those who need the help. And remember, please check up on the organization’s website before donating. This will help the community get the most needed resources out to those in need.

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