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Bringing Apartment Housing Quality, Affordability, and Efficiency to Las Vegas Renting

apts las vegas: panelAs a follow up to my article on Las Vegas renting I found this and wanted to link to it.

Building an apartment complex for Las Vegas renting can be done with a material that could save the designer, builder, and developer time and money. One such project is a Las Vegas apartment complex using  6” SIPs for all of the exterior walls on all four levels. All of the SIP walls are load bearing and self-supporting according to http://blog.premiersips.com/2011/01/14/bringing-multifamily-housing-quality-and-affordability-yet-energy-efficiency/#comment-59.

SIP’s have many positive qualities. SIP’s reduce energy consumption, reduce construction time, reduce jobsite waste and dumpster removal, and make it easier to become Energy Star Compliant. And you end up with a building that is durable and long lasting.

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