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Top 5 Pros and Cons of Living in Las Vegas

by Morgan McKinney
Las Vegas Casino with fountains.

From gamblers and entertainers to bachelorette parties and family vacations, Las Vegas lives up to its reputation of glitz and glam! But what is it like to live there permanently? We’ve looked at what it’s like living in the city of lights and compiled the pros and cons of living in Las Vegas. Home to about 600,000 people, this bright and adventurous city could be the next place you call home.


1. Weather in Las Vegas

Depending on your preference, hot and dry weather could be a pro or a con. In Las Vegas, the heat is more intense than other places around it and the air is dry. Las Vegas is free from a lot of natural disasters than other cities of the same size or similar geographic location. The possibility of getting a tornado or earthquake is very slim.

The only real common threat to people who live in Las Vegas is flash floods. Although Las Vegas doesn’t get very much rain during the year, when it does rain, the state oftentimes becomes flooded. Areas that are lower and have deeper depressions often become flooded and it extends into cities and neighborhoods. This doesn’t happen very often but in Las Vegas, there is a chance.

If you love hot, dry weather all year round this might be a perfect place for you! It has been shown that areas with more sunlight exposure are often healthier! This is because more levels of Vitamin D are released in your body during sunnier weather which means healthier people overall. Not to mention, plants can grow easier in sunnier areas!

2. Cost of Living in Las Vegas

With cities of the same size, Las Vegas tends to be a bit cheaper. In a study by Smart Asset, they looked at the rent prices for apartments in 5 major cities: Denver, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Los Angelas, and Seattle. Las Vegas was actually the second cheapest overall second to Salt Lake City. For a 2-bedroom apartment, Las Vegas averages the second cheapest at $1,157. The next closest one is Denver and it jumps up to $1,347 per month.

There are more costs associated with utilities in Las Vegas only because people tend to run their air conditioning more frequently. Las Vegas is around $6 higher than the national average when it comes to utilities.

As far as food goes, Las Vegas actually has lower food costs than the national average. The average sits around $40 higher than in Las Vegas. Of course, if you dine out and enjoy one of Las Vegas’s many chic and delicious restaurants the cost will be higher.

3. Things to do in Las Vegas

The next pro to living in Las Vegas is all the exciting things to do! You will truly never get bored living in Las Vegas! If you are over 21 and want to explore the strip, be sure to check out the casinos, bars, and nightlife attractions. Nevada is actually known for having the most casinos than any other state with 334 casinos! Freemont Street is famous for being an open-air mall featuring street performers, live music, delicious food, and a zip line that takes you soaring above the entire mall!

Besides the infamous Las Vegas strip, Vegas offers many outdoor and indoor activities that are perfect for a family get together, a girls’ trip, or a fun hike with your dog. Not to mention, trails, campsites, and national parks are not very far if you want to leave Las Vegas and drive to Utah or California.

4. The Scenery

If you weren’t busy with the many bars, casinos, and live shows, you might take some time and check out the scenery in Las Vegas. You get a beautiful mix of mountains and desserts that are sure to please anybody who loves the outdoors. Another aspect of the scenery that is beautiful is the sunsets and sunrises. The flat land mixed with mountainsides makes for some beautiful shots of the sun coming up over the land. Hiking and Biking trails are also great ways to check out the scenery and great some beautiful shots of the environment.

5. New and Updated living

A pro to living in Las Vegas is its busy and growing environment. Young hopefuls dreaming of making it big on stage, older retired couples, and young families are just a few of the types of people that come to live in Las Vegas. Because it is a busier area with a lot of traffic, the housing is always being built and updated. Many new neighborhoods and houses are being added to accommodate the growing numbers. People enjoy newly renovated living in Las Vegas with new subdivisions and apartments being built every day.


1. Weather in Las Vegas

 One of the main pros and cons of living in Las Vegas is the weather. With drier weather, there does come some downsides to it. You get a different group of pests in Vegas that other places wouldn’t have to deal with. Nevada and Arizona are home to the largest concentration of scorpions. In Nevada alone, there are over 25 different types of scorpions. Along with scorpions are cockroaches. Cockroaches are fairly common in Las Vegas as they are with any big city. Another downside if you don’t really get much winter weather. The average temperature in December for Las Vegas is 56 degrees. So you will rarely see snow or frost. For the winter-loving people, this is probably not the best place for you. Also, if you hate extreme heat, the summers are very hot in Las Vegas. The average temperature in July and August is around 99 degrees and can sometimes even reach upwards of 110 degrees.

2. Job Market in Las Vegas

As is with any large city there is a higher saturation of people living there. Because of this, the job market is more competitive and scarce. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in April of 2020, Nevada was ranked as having the highest unemployment rate of any state in the US at 28.2 percent. That means that almost 1/3 of the people who live in Las Vegas are experiencing unemployment.

Most businesses in Las Vegas are marketed towards adults over 21. Along with this, many jobs either want food handlers, bartenders, waitresses, or entertainers. If you don’t fit into either of those two categories, the job search might be difficult.

3. Not as family-oriented as other places

With any big city that is heavily populated, you do get more traffic, construction, homelessness, and adult attractions. There are fewer things to do with children in Las Vegas than a city or suburb you could live in. However, if you don’t want to spend your time in the Las Vegas strip, there are things to do on the outskirts of the strip that are perfect for kids. Hiking trails, water parks, restaurants, mini-golf/arcade games, aquarium/zoo, and community parks are just some of the things that kids can do in Las Vegas. The traffic, noise, and homelessness is still an issue for some people who live in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, It is hard for a city to maintain an exciting experience without those variables being included.

4. Higher state costs

A con of living in Las Vegas is the costs associated with living here are a bit more expensive. The housing itself is cheaper but other aspects are more expensive. For example, if you are an entrepreneur and you want to register for an LLC license or limited liability company license for a small business, the cost is about $425.00, according to incfile.com. Nevada is the second-highest state for business licensing registration, only second to Massachusets. Most states are between $75-200. The pros and cons of living in Las Vegas when it comes to living costs sort of outweigh themselves. Not everyone will be starting a business and don’t have to worry about this expense. However, for many people, this is a huge price to pay when trying to get your business to profit.

5. Parking and Traffic

Where there are a lot of people are gathered, a lot of cars will be there as well. Unfortunately, in downtown Las Vegas, it is hard to find parking. The street tends to get backed up and there is a high volume of traffic. That isn’t to say that you can’t find a good/cheap place to park, but the options are scarce. This pretty common for busy cities with a lot of people such as New York City and Chicago. Another thing that is difficult to navigate is the distance you can park to get in somewhere. Many places don’t have parking right by the building. You have to walk to get there if you want to be able to park your car. Especially at night time and during peak seasons, many places are only accessible by walking.

The pros and cons of living in Las Vegas, just like any city, depends on your lifestyle and personality. Some areas near Las Vegas are less flashy and more of a family-friendly area while still living in Nevada. Some of these include Henderson and Paradise, NV. Many people visit Las Vegas for getaways and vacations because it is exciting, lively, and entertaining. However, if you live there, the fun doesn’t have to stop! If you find yourself saying that you don’t mind the cons and Las Vegas sounds like the perfect spot for you-check this page out!

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